About Me!

Born in northern Scotland, I am now researching for a PhD at the University of Birmingham

Research Interests

I'm interested in gravitational wave detection and also atom interferometry

I'm currently investigating what happens when optical waves are distorted in interferometry experiments.

Shown right is a temperature controller I designed and built for the Birmingham Cold Atoms group


With support from the Astrophysics department, I lead and organize a range of outreach activities, including school visits, technical demonstrations, artistic collaborations and science festivals.

Shown left in a demonstration of a MOT which was kindly loaned from Birmingham Cold Atoms group


I have also been involved in a range of teaching activities including:

  • Teaching in the third year physics module Computational Modeling of Physical Systems (C++).
  • Developing material for a new second year python course
  • Teaching second year python computing.

Other Things

  • Portfolio

    Check out my portfolio

  • Tutoring

    I am able to offer tutoring to students studying for Maths Further Maths, Physics, Electronics and Code A-Levels and GCSE's.
    Email me for more info: ajones@star.sr.bham.ac.uk

  • My Blog!

    Check out my blog posts here!

  • Coding

    I have experience working with C/C++, LaTex, Python and VBA. I am learning HTML, JS and CSS

  • Linked In

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  • My CV

    Available on request, please feel free to email me at ajones@star.sr.bham.ac.uk

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